SEO Vs PPC – Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between SEO Vs PPC. The typical aim of every online business is to make maximum profit. They all rely on SEO and PPC to drive traffic. If more people visit their site, then they have more chances of making sales and earn maximum profit. Both have profitable results, but there is some difference between both. 
So as to pick, you have to know about what they are and why they are different from each other. Check SEO Vs PPC – Which Is Better?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It gives you the rank according to the relevancy of the keyword. To get a high rank on your search page, you must use specific techniques and tactics like google, yahoo. These results are earned instead of purchase. SEO generates leads organically or naturally.  As a rule, Website optimization comprises improving your pages to upgrade their situation in the search results normally. Natural Web optimization comprises ensuring the search engine crawls and evaluates what is on your website pages thus that, in a perfect world, they’ll rank your website higher than your rivals.  Developing inbound links from different sites can direct your “interface specialist” and improve your positioning. Blogging, online marketing, and online recordings are three of the more powerful approaches to gain quality connections.

Advantages of SEO:

1 Natural SEO involves no cost because it creates natural traffic to your site.

2 Organic SEO gives long-lasting results. It takes some time to generate traffic, but once you are visible, it helps in sustaining your business for the long term.

3 Organic SEO provides stability in ranking as it is free, and most of the web site traffic comes from search engines.

Disadvantages of SEO:

1 It creates slow results.

2 It is an ongoing process as you have to do it regularly.

3 It is a time-consuming process.

PPC stands for pay per click.In this, you have to pay a fee and advertisers purchase visits to your site. In it, the bid procedure is as follows. Advertisers put a maximum bid for a particular keyword and compete against their advertiser’s competitors. While doing the searching, it appears first and has a mark of ‘Ad’ in the search result. It allows you to generate quick traffic by paying or bidding for keywords which are used in the services you are providing.

Advantages of PPC: 

1 It creates instant results.

2 It is controllable as you can set your budget and have an idea related to getting leads in return.

3 It reduces tension about your position in the search engine as you paid for the top spot in your searches.

Disadvantages of PPC:

1 It is costly because you have to pay money for the results.

2 It works only according to your payment.

3 If you have no experience, then you have to make a big investment.


From the above discussion, now you know about the concept of both SEO and PPC. Here are the points which explain the main differences between them:

1 Time consuming:  SEO gives the result in one to three months, whereas PPC gives immediate results.

2 Steps include in setup: SEO includes various stages while PPC is simple and it takes a few hours for setup.

3 Price: PPC involves high cost because it depends on the bid, whereas SEO involves no cost or low cost. 

4 Reliability of consumer: consumer trust SEO more than PPC because in SEO rankings are earned, relevant, and trustworthy, whereas PPC is a paid commercial.

5 Traffic: PPC creates more and fast traffic than SEO, but SEO gives qualitative traffic.

6 Value: SEO gives you long term gain, whereas PPC gives you short term gain.


“Who is better?” This discussion is endless, as both SEO vs. PPC  methodologies offer usefulness and highlights as per the organizations’ point of view, the target group of spectators, spending plan, manageability, and scope. If your business target is long term existence, at that point, Search engine optimization is the best option. SEO does not rank you high immediately, but it will help you to maintain your business ranking. If you want an immediate result, then PPC is the best option.

Both SEO and PPC can get you to the first page of the web search tool. You should be embracing the correct procedure.

If you are getting confused about which strategy you should adopt, then you can take the help of our experts. They will clear your confusion as they all are expert having skills or knowledge. By taking our expert’s advice, you can generate a positive return on investment (ROI).

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